In 2019 SOLC Transformation Fellowship set a goal to create more avenues to impact at-risk youth with a positive message.

We have acknowledged that when a child receives assistance and mentorship from a caring adult it has a tremendous positive effect on them, and can reduce recidivism when incarcerated kids return home.

Resilient News, created by Jermaine Hicks and Leah Metzler, is a newsletter that allows men and women from the Texas Second Look population to tell their stories of how their mistakes as children have caused them multiple decades in prison, some now having served over 25 years of incarceration.

The Second Look population (referred to as “Second Lookers”) has been very active in their personal change and development and its members are giving back in wisdom.

With the creation of Resilient News, SOLC has made it possible for kids at The Giddings State School to be made more aware of how drugs, gangs, and violence can affect their lives and how this lifestyle can result in death or a lifetime in prison.

This newsletter contains essays, poems and artwork from the Second Look population, and will give the Giddings State School kids an opportunity to participate by submitting their own stories, art, poetry or songs, The newsletter will also feature pertinent news from the Giddings State School administration.

SOLC Transformation Fellowship cannot do this project alone. We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit that operates from the donations of a caring community. We plan to print Resilient News six times a year in full color.

This project is costly but worthy. We believe this newsletter is a vital way to reach and impact at-risk youth with a positive and informative message. We also believe that no child is born bad and all youth deserve a second chance or a “Second Look”.

With your donation, we can do our part to deliver this message of hope and redemption and make a difference by helping to prevent a lifetime of incarceration for these children.

Please use the PayPal button to give and help us with this mission.