It seems freedom is all about

paying out… The scales of justice are not equally weighted out.

The Feds are all itching for a

shady bust… Time served for a

dope case never was discussed…

Police killed a kid, Justice was

never touched… But a kid is

in prison for life, I guess that’s


People ain’t moving on the

issues, they’re blinded… the criminal

justice system remains double-minded…

And the ‘hood where I’m from still hearing sirens… The prison system never

stopped the violence.

You would think 2 million off the

streets would change crime… But I

think Jim Crow just changed signs…

You got caught with 36, you gotta do

the time… Bill’s son got popped, he gotta pay a fine.

Never the less, we’re living in the U.S…. Prisons profit off the poor,

It’s at its best.